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Trader Vic’s, London Hilton Hotel

Trader Vic’s, London Hilton Hotel, Park Lane

Trader Vic’s is part of an international group of restaurants and home to the original Mai Thai rum based cocktail. As a celebration of 70 years of Trader Vic’s and 80 years of the Mai Thai cocktail, five Tiki films, shot on location at Trader Vic’s worldwide, have been made, showcasing bartenders from some of London’s popular Tiki bars who have recreated famous tiki cocktails including The 1944 Mai Tai.

My visit to Trader Vic’s a few weeks ago was my first, but it certainly won’t be my last. I loved the very  traditional island décor and felt like I was walking into a Polynesian wonderland. The extensive cocktail list is very impressive and whilst sitting in the Mai Tai Lounge my friend and I started to browse the comprehensive list, however with too many enticing tiki cocktails to choose from, we asked the waitress for some guidance. She enthusiastically recommended starting with the original 1944 Mai Tai, so with that we ordered two. Unsurprisingly the cocktail’s were presented in true tiki style, looking almost to good drink.

After enjoying the first cocktail so much, we were eager to try more. It wasn’t just the delicious tropical tastes that intrigued us, we also wanted to see more elaborate cocktail presentations. It wasn’t until I tried the cocktails at Trader Vic’s that I realised just how much I love rum, although the décor and ambience made us feel like we were are on a tropical island somewhere, so this could well have been a contributing factor to our awesome experience. The second cocktails we tried, the Tiki Puka Puka (three styles of rums, orange juice, grenadine and spices) and the Mango Tai (a more tropical Mai Tai) went down faster than the first and the next recommendation from the waitress, trying a Cosmo Tidbits platter from the Bar Menu was perfectly timed. Consisting of crispy prawns, crab rangoon and char siu pork bbq ribs, all cooked in their wood-fired oven, my taste buds were now in over drive. Having room for just one more cocktail we went for a Raffles Bar Gin Sling to finish off our evening.

Overall we had a great night with delicious food and incredible cocktails – whats not to like?

The Cost
Bar Menu
Mains £8 – £25
Cocktails £9.50 +

22 Park Lane

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