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Blu Top Ice-Cream at Bread Street Kitchen 


Bread Street Kitchen, St Paul’s

Bourbon Whiskey Blu Top Ice Cream Sandwich at Bread Street


London’s Ice-cream sandwich trader Blu Top enjoy a month long residency at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen throughout August.


Despite the notable absence of ice-cream eating weather we have had this summer, Blu Top’s Richard Makin is fast becoming the master feeder of London’s ice-cream scene (!). Blu Top’s ice-cream sandwiches were recently voted the greatest in London by Time Out and have been championed by Great British Bake Off winner Edd Kimber. Anyone who has visited their little blue converted Italian Piaggio Porter van at the schoolyard in Stoke Newington or more recently at Druid Street Market will have already tried their mouth watering Toasted Coconut and Roast Cherry ice-cream on Double Chocolate Fudge Cookies and be as excited as I was to hear about their August residency at Gordon Ramsay’s monumental Bread Street Kitchen. We went down last night to celebrate the launch and spent the next 3 hours living out one of my less weird hedonistic fantasies where everything is made of cream and whiskey. The Bourbon Old Fashioned smeared generously between two cinnamon snickadoodle cookies and framed with salted pretzels prepared our stomachs for the satisfyingly strong boozy shakes which occupied us for the rest of the evening.  Woodford Reserve with chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff and digestive biscuits garnished with toasted chocolate marshmallow was malty and delicious and the Grey goose, thousand coffee liqueur with pecan nuts and salted caramel garnished with sprinkles was just as good. But my personal favourite was the Bacardi 8, peanut butter and blueberry jam garnished with toast and more jam, for obvious reasons. I was sure that we would feel sick after that but we really didn’t.

I was so glad to have the chance to meet Richard afterwards who is truly lovely. He entertained us with stories of an obesity riddled childhood with dinner money saved and spent on “iced dinners” from the school’s ice-cream van. So many of us can relate to this and adds an air of nostalgia to the brand that gluttons recognise so well.

Blu Top will be at Bread Street Kitchen throughout August and certainly warrants it’s own visit even if you’re not planning on having any of the impressive savoury fare on offer.


One New Change, 10 Bread St, London EC4M 9AJ

Tel: 020 3030 4050

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