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Melt Room – Say Cheese


The grilled cheese sandwich goes gourmet at London’s first American-style grilled cheese diner.



The Melt Room is taking grilled cheese sandwiches to the next level. I met up with my cheese fanatic friend Lucy in Soho before wandering over to Noel Street on a busy Friday afternoon.

The pocket sized 12 seater diner, fittingly decorated bright yellow, stands out for all the right reasons. Inside, the simple menu offers melts including slow and low lamb shoulder with mustard greens and melted Swiss and Portobello mushroom with thyme, roasted peppers and provolone. Behind the glass cabinet I was tempted by the pastrami with porcini, Sparkenhoe Red Leicestershire and horseradish melt. The crust was evenly toasted and crunchy. The filling was salty and oozed with delicious British farmhouse cheese. Three thumbs up!

A Melt Room grilled cheese is not for the feint hearted. To balance out the gluttony, I ordered a house salad on the side which made everything better. As I went in for my third bite I hesitated for just enough time to sing the ‘Pure and Simple’ chorus of the infamous Hear’Say track. The entire soundtrack was PURE CHEESE, and I loved it!

Comfortably satisfied and ready for my Friday night, I couldn’t resist staying a little longer to sample the Nutella & Mascarpone melt. It was the weekend after all. Lucy generously offered to share it with me, bless her. The mascarpone blended with warm Nutella to produce a sweet and nutty indulgent dessert. I licked my fingers, cleaned them again with the necessary wet wipes on the condiment stand, and fled before I ordered another dessert ‘to share’.


Melts – £4 – £5

Nutella and Mascarpone Melt – £3.5

House Salad £2


26 Noel Street,