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Tasty tapas and beautiful beer!




A four coursed pairing menu to celebrate Casimirou Mahou beers


On Monday, we sampled the delights of Marylebone Iberica restaurant, which given it was 6pm on a Monday  was really quite busy. I must admit, like spain, I really do dedicate the majority of my alcoholic intake to wine and wasn’t the most excited about an evening of beer drinking, however I was very pleasantly surprised. The first beer  that was served was the Casimiro Marcenado, a refreshing wheat beer, which surprisingly is flavoured with banana, it’s delicious!  This was my favourite and was  paired with  scallop with seaweed purée, hollandaise sauce and celery. The next beer we sampled was Casamiro Maravillas, which is a strong lager (7%) which we enjoyed with a taco of quail with marinated apple. The last savoury dish was a very gamey morteruelo with wild mushrooms which was served with a Casamiro Jacometrezo. A strong ale

As we enjoyed our meal, our very educated waiter explained the fittingly romantic story behind Casimiro Mahou, which was two sons living out their fathers dream of creating a beautiful brand of beer to compliment all of the country’s excellent wines. The beer originates from Madrid in 1890 and has kept their production line to four totally diverse beers, all of which are beautiful, both aesthetically and in the complexity of their flavour.


£35 for the pairing menu

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