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The Little Yellow Door


 little yellow door

West London’s friendliest food and drink pop-up in the heart of Notting hill


In one of the best cities for bars and clubs in the world, I must admit my best nights in London have always been house parties where somehow at the end of the night you have made plans with five new friends. I mean a lot of these never come to fruition, but all the same. These nights are the best.

As we all grow up and our cohabiting moves further from ten flatmates to two, the notion of making a mess in a larger space, doesn’t seem too silly an option, and if you are going to do this, then “The Little Yellow Door” is one of the best options.

You arrive to a yellow door (aptly), which you will no doubt walk past three times before believing it is not only a residential property, but once you sneak past the jovial doorman, you arrive at a very impressively kitted out  lounge (I wouldn’t go if you in anyway have a tendency to get drunk and turn into a kleptomaniac) and the friendliest people you could ask for.

The housemates, there are four, are all brilliant at what they do, and hence why this collaboration works so well. Between them they have a proven track record with past projects including ROXX club, Press Play immersive film nights and The Wandering Chef supper clubs.

Jamie (The Wandering Chef) is the curator of the menu and he is incredibly talented, his inspiration for ever changing menu is always around their fictional fifth housemate. On Wednesday we met Hank, he is American and likes everything from the east coast to the deep south.

We started with cob salad (the best I have ever had), cured pork and pickled watermelon, this was followed by Boston clam chowder, also absolutely delicious and topped with two huge locally sourced clams.  The main was amazing: pulled pork, perfectly spiced wings and ribs in thick, rich barbecue sauce. This was served alongside a crisp, fresh coleslaw even lean eaters wouldn’t feel bad about, and a creamy potato salad that tasted so good, you would forget to feel bad about it.

Alongside this was delicious, fruity, strong, however worryingly drinkable cocktails, served in a mixture of giant wine glasses and in good sized ‘dainty’ teacups and as the evening goes on, as you imagine there is a punch — with rum and red wine and  also a talented cocktail mixologist who whips up most things.

Wednesday, Thursdays and Fridays start out as a more civilised affair with a sit-down dinner and then transform into a house party of mingling and fun. Saturday is a house party from the start!  Having gone to quite a few events in a similar vein, I really do think they have pulled off something special here, the friendly welcome from the housemates and the amazing a la carte food which is all served at the same time across the restaurant makes you feel like you’re at a grand dinner party in a very wealthy friend’s house.

£35 for a four course meal  and a welcome cocktail (mine came with a jammy dodger)


68 Notting Hill Gate

W11 3HT

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