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Rose Oil Massage AT HOME with Spa by Car

I didn’t think last weekend would pan out as it did. I had the best I have had in ages, mostly because I saw lots of friends and drank lots of delicious booze. I was also treated to one of the best, albeit most painful, massages I have ever had. In the comfort of my own bedroom!

Claire-Marie from Spa by Car rocked up to my flat in perfect time on Sunday. I had made sure to sleep off my hangover as much as I could before welcoming her into my home, armed with all the equipment she needed to work her magic on my tired and stressed body.

I gave her a few minutes in my room to set up her workstation and when I walked in, my room sounded, looked and smelled like a spa. It was magical!

I had opted for the rose oil body massage, which I was expecting to be so relaxing that I would maybe fall asleep during the treatment, but as Claire-Marie made her way down my body, by the time she got to my thighs I was in for a lovely shock. It was at this point I realised she was giving me a deep tissue massage. And boy did I need it. “Are you in pain?”, she asked. I was, but it was a great pain and one that I could cope with, so I murmured a response that reflected that. She carried on and reached more pain points in my body.

I knew I was stressed, but I didn’t realise just how much my body needed this. When the hour was up I asked Claire-Marie a few questions, to which she answered by letting me know that she was responding to the needs of my body – I could feel this. Usually when I go for a massage, the treatment is the same on both sides, but Claire-Marie was pushing and prodding differently in the areas that needed it most.

Although I definitely didn’t sleep during the treatment, I ended up with a feeling of rejuvenation and immediately booked a course. What’s more, I didn’t even have to leave the house and I curled up on the sofa afterwards feeling relaxed and happier than I was when I had woken up.

Spa by Car is great. Claire-Marie is great. I loved it and I would highly recommend, particularly if it will help you by fitting around your busy schedule. I know where I’ll be going, or should I say ‘be staying’, for my massages in the future.

A 60 minute rose oil body massage costs £60

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