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Craving Chicken? KERB Has the Answer

If you haven’t heard of KERB, you don’t deserve to be reading this. So if you haven’t, move along, please…

London’s Street Food Market pioneer, KERB has announced The Bucket List, a clucky two day chicken fest, which brings together London’s breast bird bosses under the same roof to give you all the chicken you need for a year. The bad news is that tickets have now sold out, however the GOOD NEWS is that you can join the waiting list and be in with a chance of WINNING one of three pairs of tickets.

The Bucket List:

Mother Clucker – Tea-brined, twice buttermilk soaked Cajun chicken strips with hot sauce

Other Side Fried Cocoa chilli and maple fillets with coriander mayo

Only Jerkin – Ginger beer battered jerk or mango nuggets with jerk gravy

Bill or Beak – Szechuan miso tenders with fermented green chilli hot sauce

Daja Chicken – Double coated & double fried Asian tenders with modern flavours from the Far East  *GF

Killa Dilla ‘KDFC’ in chipotle salt and crushed Chilli Heatwave tortilla chips

Mother Flipper – Korean spicy wings

Petare – Masa fried pieces with guava glaze and habanero mayo


Every ticket receives a portion of fried chicken from each Bucket List trader,  plus a complimentary drink of choice.

When you’ve tried it all, vote for your favourite at the Bucket List Wall of Fame

Extra sides, extra chicken creations and extra sauces can be bought throughout the event.

Kids under 12 can enter for free during the Saturday lunch session, but does not include food.


Cheese fries, hot waffles, pickled slaw, street corn with fermented pineapple hot sauce, Bill or Beak’s off-bucket-list soy brined fried chicken Rancher burger with hot cheese sauce, jerk cauli-wings, feta topped fried cassava sticks, and look out for South East Cakery‘s special Sundaes.


KERB’s Bucket List bar serving classics from over the years, Bacardi‘s Mojito bar and Beavertown London craft beer.

Live Music:

Live band, Mariachi El Pinche Gringo, plus KERB resident house-party DJ’s carrying the party on ’til late.


Robo-chicken racing. What?!

Friday 5th May (Evening Session)
6pm – 11pm
Saturday 6th May (Lunch Session)
12pm – 5pm
Saturday 6th May (Evening Session)
6pm – 11pm


West Handyside Canopy, King’s Cross, N1C

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