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Microwave your notebook clean with Rocketbook Wave

I recently had a friendly heated debate with my boss at work. He had been to a talk and thoroughly enjoyed listening to one of the speakers waxing lyrical about a paperless office initiative that was causing waves around his company. So upon arrival back into the office, my boss mentioned he wanted to do the same – but I just couldn’t imagine days without handwritten meeting notes, so took a fairly firm stand against the banning of notebooks.

It wasn’t until literally the day after when an email landed in my inbox, that I realised I could have the best of both worlds. Enter Rocketbook Wave, an erasable notebook, which – get this – is erasable by simply popping it into the microwave. Yes, really.

So the next day I went back to my boss with my tail between my legs and said that if I could use my Rocketbook Wave, I’d be well up for trying his paperless office concept. Bingo.

A week later my new notebook arrived and I ditched my Moleskin straight away, in favour of my new toy. But rather than waiting until it was full to see if the magic worked, I drew a few pics with the FriXion erasable pen that came with it, popped it directly onto the microwave plate (mug of water on top of the pad) – this sounds mental I know, but bear with me – and proceeded to microwave. The whole thing sent waves around the office and the guy stood next to me almost had a heart attack, running over to try and stop me. But when I explained what was going on, there was no way he could seem unimpressed and proceeded to say ‘that’s cool’.

So, what happened? Well, after a few minutes, I took it out of the microwave and quickly skipped to the page in question. And to my amazement, the page was completely clear. The only thing that remained was a very feint scratch from where the pen had touched the paper, so it isn’t perfect, but it is still impressive.

But I don’t just love the fact that the Rocketbook Wave is reusable, it is also impressive that you can download an app and send photos of pages to the cloud, in my case my chosen Evernote notebook. All you need to do is make sure you take pictures of pages you want to save before popping it in the microwave. Simple.

The only downside to this book is that you can only use it up to 5 times. There is however an ‘everlast’ version, which is infinitely reusable.

Would I recommend? For £25,99, it is expensive for a notebook, but if you do the maths – it makes sense, not only if you’re looking at saving your pennies, but also as it is a massive plus for the environment. So my answer is – yes, I’d highly recommend Rocketbook. Now and forever more.

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