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ANNOUNCEMENT – Eat the Olympics supper club

Eat the Olympics Supper Club 28 July – 11 August London, W10 (venue to be revealed on purchase of ticket) In January 2012 we (Jack Hemingway and Sarah Kemp) embarked on an Olympic culinary challenge – to eat a dish from every single country taking part in the London 2012 games. We were quick out of the blocks, completing thirty dishes in the first two weeks but this is a marathon not a sprint and in recent times we have been somewhat off the pace. The recent purchase of our Queens Park flat slowed things down and it now sits empty while we await planning permission. With the help of our crafty fingered friends and family we have transformed the space into our very own Olympic themed pop-up restaurant. Now we need your help to make it over the final hurdle before the summer is out and Olympic Games have left town. Over three weekends during the London 2012 Olympic Games, we invite you to join us at our Eat the Olympic Supper Club where …

My Marrakech experience

As I write this, I am sat on my flight back to London. I have just had a heated discussion with my boyfriend because of the way that I was writing one of my reviews. He (quite rightly) accused me of using flowery language to discuss experiences that, at the time, intimidated, scared or upset me. I have been in Marrakech for the last six days and I can hold my hand up and say that it was the most challenging holiday I have ever had. I was expecting it, I’m not totally naïve, but you can play scenarios over in your head many times and when it comes to the crunch, your feelings can be totally different. I can’t count the amount of times I rehearsed the next few sentences in my head over the last three days that I spent in the Medina, but here they are. I was brought up in England, a country that is world-renowned when it comes to politeness. We Brits will queue anywhere and say sorry at anything, …


First published on Eat the Olympics on Thursday 22nd March Sour cream Kolacky (Slovenia) Ingredients: 1 cup plain flour 1/2 cup cold unsalted butter 40g sour cream Jam (or your own choice) for filling Icing sugar, to dust Method: 1. In a large bowl, rub butter and flour together until it resembled crumbs. Stir in sour cream and mix well 2. Wrap the dough in cling film and refrigerate for 2 hours Pre heat oven to 180 degrees C 3. Roll on lightly floured surface to 1/8-inch thickness. Cut with a large round cookie cutter 4. Fill center with filling, bring the sides up to the middle and pinch at the top 5. Bake 12-15 minutes, or until bottom of cookie is just beginning to brown 6. Remove from the baking tray and cool on wire racks. When cooled, dust with icing sugar to serve Score: BRONZE

EAT THE OLYMPICS review – Comptoir Libanais

Comptoir Libanais review – originally posted on Eat the Olympics on 15th March 2012 Comptoir Libanais (Lebanon) When we arrived at Comptoir Libanais last Thursday, we were surprised to find the restaurant packed to the rafters at 6.30pm. Even from a distance outside, the first thing we noticed was the colourful paraphernalia dispersed around the room. When we walked through the door, the explosion of colours and loud clientele made for a great first impression. We snagged a table for two next to the window and were left to digest the menu. We both knew exactly what we wanted – picky bits to start and a couple of mains to share. We ordered the mezze platter for one (£7.95) and the lamb kibbeh (£4.65) to share, followed by the comptoir burger (£8.85) and the chicken & green olives tagine (£7.95) for main and fat free frozen yoghurt with mixed nuts and honey (£4.95) and baklawa (£2.45) to share for pudding. The mezze platter for one was easily enough for two to share as a starter …

Eat the Olympics – new blog

For the last few weeks, Jack and I have been busy cooking dishes from each of the countries that are taking part in the Olympics this summer. We are bonkers, I know. We’re four weeks in and we have already completed 45 recipes, not bad going really. We’d love you to follow us through the highs and lows. I’ll also be sharing each of the recipe images here with you – don’t forget to click through to the Eat the Olympics blog for the recipe. We’d love to hear how they go if you fancy trying them out for yourselves at home. If you have any suggestions, they are greatly appreciated! I’ll get you started with one of our first recipes – Piparkakut from Finland. Delicious enjoyed with a cup of tea. Sarah. x Click on the image for the recipe