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Festival of Heat

What The Festival of Heat: London’s Chilli Festival is back on 25 September 2016 Where Red Market 288 Old Street EC1V 9LA Experience Preparations are hotting up for London’s spiciest food festival at Shoreditch’s culinary hub, Red Market. Workshops, tasting sessions, supplies, music and deliciously confusing chilli infused drinks await. Last year was my first Festival of Heat experience. I cooked my own infused chilli oil, which has been keeping my pizza crusts happy all year. The festival focus is on eating, growing and cooking chillies, and is designed for those who like to add a little heat to their mealtimes. This year, vendors keeping our bellies happy include Ayam Happy – White Men Can’t Jerk – Agua Na Boca amd Purbeck Ice Cream. See you at the tasting stall. Cost Early Bird Ticket £10 here Door Price £15

Samsung S4 Zoom at The Big Feastival

Ask anyone who has known me since I was a young whipper snapper and they will tell you that I have been a lifelong technology geek, mobile phones in particular. I remember getting my first mobile phone so clearly. It was a Sony Ericsson brick with a clear orange back. I was 13 and it was really really cool. Mobile phones have come a long way since then. Nowadays, a phone isn’t just a phone – it’s your calendar, inbox, mp3 player, camera, you name it, your phone does it. The last phone I upgraded to was the Samsung Galaxy S3 but I still have just under a year to go on my contract so I have been eagerly awaiting an upgrade. But last Thursday I was contacted by the Samsung press office to ask if I wanted to take one of the brand new Samsung S4 Zoom handsets to The Big Feastival on Sunday to take a load of pictures and report back. How could I say no? So off I set with Gabriela …

Taste of London 2010

I only had two hours to hot foot it around Taste of London this year before jumping on a train to Nottingham and my aim was to try as many dishes as I could in a short amount of time. I was on a mission – the tube journey on the way consisted of revising the programme and circling every restaurant that I wanted to visit and every dish that I wanted to try. There were quite a few and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to try them all due to time, money and stomach restraints (I did however skip breakfast so I could fit a little more in). To me, there didn’t seem much point in choosing dishes from restaurants that I have either visited before or that are easily accessible to me in terms of price. I chose to ignore the four lip-synching Malaysian dancers that greeted punters and headded straight to The Grill at The Dorchester where I ordered Pan roasted scallop with sardine pie and a cauliflower puree. A …