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Graze your way through the day

I must say that I am amazed and thrilled to have found a perfect way to Graze (or snack as I like to call it) whilst at work.

All you office workers out there will probably agree with me that snacking is a great way to alleviate some of the boredom that almost certainly comes with being within the same square meter for 7-8 hours of the day. At my current workplace, I am responsible for buying ‘sustenance’, in other words office supplies. This includes chocolate and biscuits, which are a must for clients and perfect for when it gets to THAT time of day. Hunger strikes and believe me, it really does.

So I was extremely happy when my boyfriend passed me a little voucher, not much larger than the size of a stamp stating that i could get my first Graze box for £1. I had no idea what a Graze box was but I was intrigued and visited the website. I was impressed by what I saw… Their ethos is healthy snacking (grazing) throughout the day helps keep your blood sugar levels up so that you don’t get that 11am and 4pm slump… I loved the sound of this because these are the times that I am likely to reach for that double chocolate fudge biscuit and most of the time some fruit and nut chocolate.

So i had a look around the site at what you could get and i discovered that it comes in the form of a box small enough to fit through your letter box with three separate compartments.

1. Fresh fruit
2. Selection of dried fruit/nut mix
3. Seeds or nuts

There are so many different varieties/combinations to choose and you can click the button to either try/like/love or bin each different combination. I just had to do it so I signed up for my £1 box (no obligations by the way) and my first one arrived through my office’s letter box this morning. I rapidly opened it excited to see what was inside and they had sent me freshly cut pineapple, what they call their ‘bakewell tart mix’, which consists of dried cranberries, cherry raisins and almonds and a pack of pecan nuts. Great! The packaging is neat, very well presented and the cardboard is fully recyclable.

Now for the tasting… The first compartment that I opened was the bakewell tart mixture. I placed a couple of cranberries, a couple of cherry raisins and an almond in my mouth and immediately wanted to jump for joy. I couldn’t believe that something so healthy (no additives) could be THAT tasty. It felt like I had a naughty slice of home baked bakewell tart in my mouth.

The pineapple treated me well for dessert and the pecans, well I’ll be saving them for my boyfriend who loves them. After all, if it wasn’t for him then i would never have found the saviour that is

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