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Radio, Shoreditch

I shouldn’t like the hairdressers, but I love it. Take a look at any of my school photos and you will understand why. Saying that, I visited my grandma at the weekend and she pulled out an old photo of my mum, my brother and me. I must have only been a year old and there I was in my mums arms, smiling away at the camera. But it wasn’t my devilish little smile that caught my eye, it was my bright carrot top head. I had lovely ginger hair until I was three, when it turned bright blonde. It gradually faded over the years but only to a dull strawberry blonde colour. A few years ago I decided to take the plunge and revert to my ginger roots, the best hair decision I think I’ve ever made.

I have tried a few salons in London over the last year and all of them have been fantastic but very different in their own right. This time I decided to head to Shoreditch to try Radio, a salon that I had heard about from a couple of friends that get their hair cut there. I walked up Redchurch Street and spotted the salon on the corner. I had taken only one step through the door when I was taken by surprise as the friendly and perky receptionist said ‘Hi, Sarah!’ Feeling very welcomed, I took a seat and waited for the colourist and hair dresser that would be working their magic that morning.


Juri and Sofie arrived and beckoned me downstairs. I was sat in a chair and visited by each person, one at a time, to discuss what I wanted. After a quick consultation, Sofie was off to mix the colour and Juri vanished upstairs, telling me that he would be back later.

I settled down with a few magazines and glanced at Sofie pasting the bright orange mixture onto my hair. Our conversation took us to Sweden, Sofie’s home country, and how cold it can get in the winter. I felt comfortable in Sofie’s presence and I relaxed as we chatted. When the colour was ready to be washed off, I was taken to the basin and my hair was washed by a lovely American assistant who had just moved to London. She placed a treatment on my hair, which was left for a few minutes before I was back to the chair for Juri to take the reins.

I explained to Juri that I didn’t want a dramatic change but I would like him to tidy it up. He said he barely wanted to make a change but lighten the ends. He said that I shouldn’t have layers, something that I have always thought. He then proceeded to do something that no other hairdresser has ever done – he asked me to stand up so that he could cut my hair standing up. I obliged and stood up. He wasn’t cutting much off but claimed he gives a straighter cut when standing. After standing for what seemed like ten minutes, I sat down to allow Juri to blow dry my hair and I was left with beautiful bouncy golden locks.

Juri finished my hair with a small amount of Bumble and Bumble product and I walked out of the salon feeling ten times better than I did when I walked in. I think I have found my perfect salon – a relaxing environment filled with chilled out and friendly staff that can truly work magic on my unruly hair.


93 – 97 Redchurch St
East London
E2 7DJ

TEL: +4420 8617 0024

Food for Think was a guest at Radio. A semi-permanent colour with Sofie and a cut with Juri costs around (x).

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