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Pampering at Nailberry, South Kensington

I turned 26 last weekend and up until then I had never had a pedicure and only one manicure at a cheap salon in Brooklyn, NYC. Lauren, if you’re reading this, remember the nubs?!

I had heard good things about Nailberry, a delightful little salon that sits on a cute row of shops in the heart of South Kensington, so decided to try it out.

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I walked through the door and the view was almost comical – four ladies stood behind the reception counter all pointed their heads in my direction and said hello in unison. Within the time that the reply had left my mouth, I had been ushered to a shelf literally full to the brim with different colour nail polishes and asked which one I would like. I am really bad at making decisions so instead of agonising over all the different colours I picked the first one that my eyes were drawn to. One of the stylists noticed which one I was looking at and picked it up, declaring her love for it because it had sparkles in it. That was it. Decision made. My colour was brown (no surprises) with a very subtle gold shimmer.

After the remarkably easy decision making process, I was off to sit in the pedicure chair at the back of the salon. I loved the decor – New England style with rustic furnishings and extremely comfortable armchairs in the pedicure section.

I was having a manicure and pedicure so I had two lovely ladies tending to my needs. Both quickly rifled through their paraphernalia and got to work on their respective jobs. Both hands and feet go through the same processes – soak, cut, cuticles removed and moisturise followed by base coat, polish and seche vite top coat. I decided to have a Nailberry pedicure so I also received exfoliation with hot towel and a massage with moisturiser. The website says that this is heaven and I don’t disagree.

I watched both ladies in awe as they worked quickly and very efficiently. I have never been able to paint my own nails without smudging at least one on each hand. Every time I try it ends in disaster with me vowing never to do it again. So it’s a real treat to have someone else do it for you.

When everything was finished I sat with my book waiting for all twenty nails to dry. I had been waiting twenty minutes or so when the receptionist came over and asked if I would like my feet wrapping in cling film. It’s not everyday you hear that! I casually asked ‘What for?’ before letting out a little giggle. The girl explained that it was because if I put my socks and shoes on so soon then the polish would be more likely to smudge. I accepted and the wrapping got underway. Literally an hour after I first walked through the door of Nailberry, I was back into the cold, squelching in my clingfilm, making my way to a bar where I would proudly show off my beautiful manicure.

A Nailberry pedicure costs £35.
A classic manicure costs £18.


    • I really loved it. It’s just a shame that it doesn’t last forever.

      The cling film really did work. It felt a little odd walking around with it on though…

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