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#NewTradition #6 – Andy Murray’s Gluten Free Diet

“Quality of life begins with the quality of food that sustains it.”

It recently emerged that Andy Murray had followed his Serbian friend/rival Novak Djokovic by giving up the evil gluten, claiming that it had enhanced his performance. I believe him. I gave up gluten for 3 months last year (and have been on the diet again for the last 4 weeks) and it has improved my performance too. I am running a minute a mile quicker than I was this time last year and I don’t feel as sluggish, which used to stop me from wanting to work out. I am training for a half marathon at the end of October and the London Marathon next year and I know that by eliminating gluten out of my diet, I will perform better.

Right now I am sat on the 5th floor in Harrods, sipping a frothy cappuccino, topped with a beautiful latte art leaf, admiring the beautiful staff and classy customers enjoying their Italian treats at the Lavazza café in Harrods.

On my right I have a lady eating a salad out of a large kilner jar, in front of me I have a group of tourists (I’m guessing Italian), sipping their lattes and at the bar an American couple are animatedly discussing the shocking episode of Game of Thrones that EVERYONE seems to be talking about recently.

I am here to try the coffee at the Lavazza café. I must admit that since living in London, I have probably only been to Harrods once and I didn’t realise just how huge the department store is. I couldn’t find my way around so I picked up a store guide and travelled on the escalator, up five floors, past various designer bags, shoes and clothes, to reach the small but perfectly formed café, tucked in the corner next to the sportswear, across from Hackett London.

I ordered a cappuccino and took a pew, right next to a display of familiar A Modo Mio capsules and a grey A Modo Mio machine. When it arrived, I was happy to see the latte art leaf, which adorned the top of my foamy cappuccino. I sat back to relax and before I knew it I was at the end of the cup. Smooth, creamy, delicious and a little too easy to knock back.

I have had a quick glance at the menu but don’t have room in my stomach to order anything (I have just been to the Hoxton Street Market with my friends) but the food sounds delicious. The food is provided by ‘Soulmatefood Kitchen’ and they offer a range of low calorie and extremely healthy dishes, such as ‘Seriously Raw’, a mix of spinach, seaweed, courgette ribbons, mustard cress, chicory, mixed seeds, cherry tomatoes, edamame & blood orange vinaigrette, an ‘Apple Wow’ sandwich with granola, peanut butter and crispy turkey bacon. There are also a few healthy snacks, such as protein brownie bites, gluten free flapjack (prefect for me and Andy Murray!) and healthy juices – served in jam jars.

I’m glad I found the Lavazza café – I now know I can come here for a delicious gluten free lunch, fantastic quality coffee and excellent gluten free snacks in the future.

Don’t forget, you could be in with a chance of winning lots of Lavazza goodies, including 350 iTunes vouchers and tickets to Wimbledon (comp closes 19 June). Simply head to to take part in the ‘Enjoy Your New Tradition’ competition. And if you don’t win, you can still purchase the Limited Edition Wimbledon A Modo Mio machine here.

What is your favourite coffee recipe? Let me know and I could be testing it out as one of #NewTradition entries!

Harrods Cafe
87-135 Brompton Rd

0207 730 1234

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