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Southern Comfort: Introducing Shampoo Guy

Some say Shampoo Guy’s hair is so awesome that brushes have pictures of it on their walls. It’s true, he does have fabulously luscious locks and when he’s getting ready to go out he has a routine that means he’s primed and ready for anything. Unfortunately Shampoo Guy is secretive about his routine, however we do know that it includes a combination of amazing tunes and a Southern Comfort of course.

That got us thinking. What would be the best ever soundtrack for getting ready? We know what we’d choose, but we don’t want to talk about us. It’s all about you. Share your favourite tracks with us and all our friends to create the ultimate Spotify playlist to get you in the mood. It’s so good you’ll want to stay in. Or maybe go out. You decide.

To find out more and to join the comfortable, go to or follow on Twitter @SouthernComfort

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