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Viners Ardesia Knife Block Review

It is impossible to cook if you don’t have the right tools. I can’t count the amount of times I have gone over to someone’s house and pulled a blunt knife out of their draw. Chopping an onion with a blunt knife is near impossible!

I recently lost a few of my best knives so a delivery of a Viners Ardesia ceramic knife block set couldn’t have been more timely.

The knife block comes with three knives, ideal for slicing, peeling and chopping and the high-performance ceramic blades are not only sharper and lighter than steel but have a thinner edge, which makes cutting even easier.

Since I received the block, I have tried out all three knives and I have to say that I prefer the smallest. It makes chopping vegetables an absolute breeze.

Viners has a long tradition of creating quality and value products for every dining and cooking occasion and has been gracing British tables for over 100 years with an incredible range of kitchen products.

The Viners Ardesia Knife Block Set, retails for £45.00, and is available in Teal, Purple, Red or Orange at (set includes 3” Paring Knife, 4” Utility Knife, 5” Slicing Knife).

Food for Think was gifted the Viners Ardesia Ceramic Knife Block

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