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Supper Club at The House of Peroni

You may remember reading about my trip to The House of Peroni over the summer? After thoroughly enjoying innovative cocktails made with Peroni and small plates devised by Michelin Star holding Costardi Brothers, I was very pleased to be asked back to the November stint, which was held in the same grand central London townhouse.

The House of Peroni was open to showcase the new wave of Italian style and creativity. The space, designed by award-winning architect and co-designer of the Enzi Ferrari museum, Andrea Margate, was a place where guests could discover fashion installations, a luxurious cinema space, a restaurant and a soundtrack developed by 25 exciting young Italian producers and DJs.

I was there to try the Italian Supperclub, which would showcase old and new Italy with a four course menu. We enjoyed classic and modern takes on Burrito, Nduja and Herring Eggs, Casio E Pope (black pepper pasta), Rana Pescatrice Alla Sicilian and Polenta Cake.

These traditional dishes are right up my street and it was interesting to see these along with the contemporary versions sat on my plate. After each course, the waiter came around to ask us which one was our favourite. I love burrata so the traditional version was my favourite, although I preferred the modern versions of the other dishes.

I really enjoyed my second visit to The House of Peroni and I’m excited to see what is in store for 2014.

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