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Peters & Co. Gin Palace at F Cooke, Broadway Market

It has been five months since I moved to Hackney and I am finally feeling like I have settled in to the area. The last couple of weekends have been spent in the area, exploring and sampling the delights of local eating and drinking establishments. I have enjoyed cake at Violet, coffee at The Hackney Bureau, brunch at The Empress, a movie at The Hackney Picturehouse and even the pantomime at The Hackney Empire.

I met my friend this afternoon and we went to watch a movie. Afterwards, we popped by Skylodge for a mulled cider before enjoying a Turkish dinner on Broadway Market. As we walked back towards home, my friend suggested we pop in to F Cooke after seeing an a board outside promoting ‘Peters @ Co. Gin Palace‘. Not ones to pass up an opportunity to sample a delicious gin based cocktail, we ventured in.

I have walked past F Cooke too many times to tell but have never been in. It is a London institution, serving eels and pie and mash. The venue hasn’t been revamped since the 1920’s and it’s one of the most beautiful restaurants in the area.

We got talking to the lady running the bar, who told us she was the great grandaughter of the original owner – the restaurant has been in the family for 100 years – and she is running a bar every Thursday, Friday and Saturday serving a range of the finest gins. She suggested I tried a bramble, which was both tart and fruity – delicious.

We also got talking to the lady who is in charge of the food offering – a lovely urban foodist called Tessa. After a good chat, she offered us the chance to try a cheese board. I couldn’t resist so said yes. It consisted of Ashmore Aged Farmhouse Cheddar, Ellie’s Goat Cheese, Kentich Brie & Special Reserve Kent Blue and it was the best cheese board I have ever had.

Sadly we had to leave but I’m already itching to go back and try the other food on offer. I’ve found a little gem in my neighbourhood and I couldn’t be happier.

Peters & Co. Gin Palace
F Cooke
9 Broadway Market
E8 4PH

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