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Review: Windows Phone – Nokia 1020 #MSLoop

A couple of weeks ago a friend was over at my house. I received an email and was swiftly notified by not one, not two, but five devices. All around us, the room was either buzzing or singing notification tunes. She wondered why on earth I had so many gadgets and I told her it was because I love them. I could happily fill my room with 100 different gadgets and find a use for every single one of them. My nickname at school wasn’t gadget for nothing!

As part of the Microsoft Loop programme, which I was invited to join at the tail end of 2013, I received a bright yellow Nokia 1020, which I have been using as my primary device ever since. I was also given a Nokia 920 last summer (read the review here), but this post is to explore the 1020, which has been affectionately named ‘Big Yellow’.

As an advocate of Samsung devices, switching to the Windows phone was a big deal for me. The reason I didn’t stick with my Nokia 920 was primarily because apps like Instagram and Spotify weren’t available at the time and as I use Instagram for food and travel pictures, I couldn’t ditch my trusty Samsung. This time, however, was different; and I was particularly excited about the whopping 41 mega pixel camera.

I’m going to share with you some of my favourite features of the phone and as you can see from the pictures in this post, the camera really is pretty good! You can see the rest of the pictures on my Instagram profile.

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This app was literally a life saver when I visited Paris and Milan earlier this year. To save roaming charges, I simply downloaded maps for the each of the regions and I was able to use them with no internet connection.

HERE Transit
A great alternative to Google Maps when I’m out and about in London. This trusty little app provides me with the best routes to get from A to B.

Nokia Camera
Not only can you take amazing pictures with the auto camera, the Nokia Lumia 1020 also has a Smart Cam feature where you can do everything from changing a face in a group photo to removing an object in a photo, yes really! I take lots of pictures of food, particularly in low lighting situations and with a camera that allows an ISO of 4000, it’s the perfect dining companion.

Social accounts
As I have linked my phone up with my social accounts, I can access my friends’ info, profile information and images in different apps. I can also access my friends’ Facebook profile info and see all of our history from my phonebook and send status updates and share across all of the social channels that my phone is connected to.

Nokia Mix Radio
Enter your favourite artist and Mix Radio will recommend a whole host of other songs that you might like based on that artist. This is perfect for someone like me who loves to discover new artists.

Microsoft Office
What’s not to love? Read, create or edit any office document wherever you are.

I really love the customisable home screen. You can make any of the tiles large or small and change the colour depending on your mood. Some of the tiles are also live so they update in real time.

As much as I have grown to love Big Yellow, it is not without its little faults. One of my favourite apps, Nike Run, still isn’t available on Windows phone and Spotify, one of my most used apps, doesn’t seem to be compatible as it crashes a few times a day. Still, it’s not enough to put me off it and I shall no doubt be using this handset for a while longer yet.


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