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Emozioni – Italian Style and Substance

A few weeks back I received a delivery of Emozioni products at work. I knew what was inside but as I pulled the boxes out of the package, I asked my colleagues to guess what was inside. They had their suspicions that it was a trick question but nearly all of them guessed that I would be pulling fancy cosmetics out of the boxes. Even when the bottle of truffle oil was produced, they still didn’t guess that it was edible.

I was intrigued by the products; mainly because I have always associated good quality Italian products with classic packaging and the most delicious Italian food I have eaten has always been traditional. Emozioni, however, well and truly bucks the trend with a range of luxury Italian food products with contemporary and distinctive packaging.

After seeing the beautiful packaging in the flesh, I was left asking whether it was a case of style over substance. So off I went to try them out. I tried paccheri pasta (£5.90), porchini dried mushrooms (£16.50 for 30g) and white truffle flavoured dressing dressing (£20.90 for 30ml), which I served together with a generous shaving of parmesan.

The verdit? I thoroughly enjoyed my dinner, in particular the truffle oil, but I am unsure whether I would be happy to buy the products on a regular basis. The packaging may be beautiful, but I have tasted just as good quality Italian products that are a fraction of the price.

Despite the fact that it might not end up being a staple in my household, I’m sure Emozioni will have its place, particularly as it is already a favourite amongst celebrities and designers in Italy and New York.

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