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BIRD, Shoreditch

BIRD, Shoreditch


Fried chicken inspired by all of the places that restaurant owners Paul and Cara have visited – Logan Square in Chicago, Sansom Street in Philadelphia, a couple of great places in Brooklyn and not forgetting Asia. The ‘Free Range & Fried’ describes the food and how it’s prepared, but it also describes the restaurant’s attitude to what they do – naughty but nice.

The experience
Fried chicken is having a moment in London. Everywhere I turn I see a new opening here, a new opening there. Not that it is a problem, of course, because I love the stuff. I recently visited one of the ‘talk of the town’ burger establishments and I was smug munching on my buttermilk fried chicken burger, while my friend chowed down on an unappetising looking cheese burger. So when I visited BIRD for lunch a few weeks ago, anticipation was high.

I visited during my lunch hour as I work on Old Street and it was the perfect working day treat. I was there to meet an old friend and we ordered loads – got to try it all, right? The menu, I was pleased to see, was quite simple with fried chicken (white, dark or mixed meat), a range of sides and a couple of burgers and salads for good measure. We ordered the fried chicken and a range of glazes and dipping sauces to go with it. We also ordered the Korean cucumber salad, house slad and corn pudding with cheese and jalepeno. The waiter also suggested we try the waffles, so we obliged.

The chicken was amazing. It’s gluten free and because it’s cooked with a mix of corn and rice flour instead of normal flour, they have a delicious crunch that keeps you going back for more. My favourite of the dips was the hot & sweet gochujang, it’s the only one you will need!

The house slaw was delicious, but I felt the Korean cucumber salad could have been presented a bit different. Don’t get me wrong, I am a cucumber addict, but I felt the slices were a bit too thick to really get the full effect of the with rice vinegar dressing. And the corn pudding. Oh, the corn pudding. I had to slap myself on the hand to stop myself from going back for more… and more… and more.

I took some doughnuts back to the office. Now, I’m not normally a doughnut fan, but oh my goodness, these were great big puffy rounds of doughey cinnamon goodness. I also learned that BIRD has a doughnut hatch for passers by, which sells coffee and a doughnut from 8am until they sell out. Deilghtful.

Snacks £3, fried chicken from £8-£24 (dips and sauces £1.50), sides £3 and desserts £4.

Kingsland Road
E2 8DA

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