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An Interview with Sian Quinn – Headmasters


Sian Quinn, Headmasters Senior Art Team Member

1) What is your earliest hair memory?

My earliest hair memory was playing with hair mascaras and braiding. Being the only girl in the family with three brothers, my mum always played around with different styles on my hair so I learnt how to braid really early and it’s still one of my favorite things to do.

2) How old were you when you decided to become a hairdresser?

I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser from my early teens. Going to the salon was the biggest treat and watching the stylists create glamour in a 45 minute appointment amazed me.

3) How did you start in the profession?

My career started at 16. I started studying at 6th form but I was desperate to leave and get into the salon and any spare time I had I’d research session stylists. I was following the work of Zoe Irwin who was working at Headmasters at the time and was really inspired. I joined the Headmasters apprenticeship program, which allowed me to work and learn at the same time, which was so helpful and really gave me a sense of achievement. It was my mission to become a part of the artistic teams so I took every opportunity and once I qualified got to work in the headmasters blow dry bar being trained by Zoe.

4) You are always so full of beans. What gets you through the day?

Being a hairdresser running around on your feet all day can be exhausting! Currently I’m doing a lot of teaching so being in the salon is like a treat for me. It allows me to reconnect with my clients and be really creative, I get excited and I’m lucky because hairdressing is my passion so work never feels like work.

5) You have achieved so much for such a young age. Tell me about your qualifications?

I set myself goals and always push myself to make sure they are met! I’ve had the honor of working at London Fashion Week on a number of shows as well as Men’s fashion week, Graduate Fashion Week for the last two seasons and the UGG Style Lounge. I’ve worked on the braid bar at the Vogue Festival and completed hair trend press events for big name brands like Dior and MAC. Teaching is also a passion of mine and currently I head courses at the Headmasters Academy in Putney as well as completing hair roadshows at Headmasters salons nationwide keeping the teams a top of what’s happening in hair.

6) You’re a bit of a trendsetter. What’s the next trend?

Trend wise everyone’s looking at enhancing features, working with colouring and cutting techniques that flatter the face with say a long fringe and cleverly placed Balayage to complement. Now were heading towards Autumn it’s all about transition colour into richer autumnal tones to keep skin looking radiant.

7) Are there any new techniques or products that are going to change your life

For a long time I have been saying ‘you don’t buy hairstraighteners, you buy ghd’s!’ So the new ghd CURVE range has got me excited – it’s been a long time coming. They are easy to use and make a good curl easier to achieve it for everyone, whether you’re a hairdresser,  The four new products have been a long time coming; ghd is the best.

8) What is your favourite colour?

Hair wise I love a really super natural, high shine, healthy colour. I will always analyse the skin tone and face shape before I choose what colour will be best, I prefer warmer richer tones as they tend to look more luxe, so rose gold blondes and burnished copper brunettes.

9) What is your motto in life?

My motto in life is “a goal without a plan is just a wish” I keep setting myself goals to work for, if you have an end goal to work towards in a time frame, you’re more likely to achieve it.

10) What product couldn’t you live without?

The one hair product I could not live without would have to be L’Oreal Professionnel tecni.ART PLI, it’s a wonder product that makes a power blow-dry last and last, I always have a bottle in my session kit and in the salon and at home.

Sian Quinn works at Headmasters Soho
020 7734 0222

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