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The Burger Shack at The Wood House


Hidden in the far corner of the vast, not-so-secret, garden of The Wood House pub on Sydenham Hill, lies the latest addition to the Young’s Family, The Burger Shack.


Gourmet burgers could not be more popular right now. The Burger Shack  is up to the challenge of rivalling your favourite. Visitors in the beautifully refurbished pub can opt to dine from the menu inside, but those who crave something quick and meaty can order straight from The Burger Shack outside.

The garden hosts heated huts, family friendly giant games and, if you get the right night, even live music. I settled in the ‘Robin’ hut fit for six (all huts are named after woodland birds) and enjoyed the final few hours of evening summer heat. The garden was already busy with people who had the same idea.

The menu for the shack is simple. I went for ‘The Streaky’ burger, presumably named after the deliciously salty Dingley Dell streaky maple bacon which propped up the top bun. I squeezed down on the medium rare patty, cheese and pickle just enough to take a bite and then for a napkin to catch the juice. A good – slightly messy – burger is a thing of beauty, and this was blooming gorgeous! Between bites, I chomped through the generous serving of crispy, spiced curly fries.

This was the best burger I have eaten south of the river. Definitely worth the visit.

TIP: The Wood House is located along South East London’s Green Chain walk and adjacent to Sydenham Woods. Perfect for a pit-stop?


Burgers £7 – 9

Fries £3


The Wood House

39 Sydenham Hill,


SE26 6RS

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