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Bunnychow Launches ‘Better Breads’ Menu


Bunnychow launches their new ‘Better Breads’ menu; a lighter take on the classic South African dish with even punchier fillings.

74 Wardour Street


Straight after work on a vibrant, busy Soho evening I made my way to Bunnychow to meet my pal Lucy for a catch-up dinner. While I waited for Lucy to stroll a few metres from her office I picked a Cucumber Mojito from the selection of fresh exotic juices behind the counter and, as it was Thursday, added a naughty shot of rum.

For those who have been living in a cave, Bunnychow’s now infamous ‘Bunnys’ are South African inspired hollowed out round freshly baked loaves crammed with your choice of delicious hot filling. Lucy arrived and after a natter we made our way to the counter to pick a Bunny. First we select our bread, then filling, then topping. I went for a nutrient-rich charcoal brioche and succulent pulled pork bunny. Lucy had a matcha green tea loaf with a veggie filling, made up of all the good stuff (roasted aubergine, butternut squash, fennel, onion and quinoa). I had a portion of tasty Monkey Gland meatballs topped with fresh salsa all to myself. The portions were perfectly sized to keep two gals happily fed for the evening. We grabbed another exotic juice cocktail before we set off, north beach coconut, elderflower and gin this time. Seriously, they are soooo good.

Lucy was relieved to find an alternative to her usual lunchtime sandwich. Bunnychow are open for lunch and if you fancy something a little lighter then grab a side and Naked Bunny (minus the bread).

Bunnychow are also serving up a Full English Breakfast Bunny that’s crammed full of Chef Finn’s home cured bacon and homemade black pudding. We’ll be back!

Pulled Pork Bunnychow £6
Monkey Gland Meatballs £3
Rum and Cucumber Mojito £5

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