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Beer and Pizza at Zero Degrees

Zero Degrees, Blackheath


Zero Degrees is the first of a line of five family run restaurants with onsite microbreweries.

On the corner of Blackheath park is Zero Degrees, Blackheath’s only Microbrewery and from some serious research, has a great reputation as a restaurant that specialises in Mussels and Pizza.

Since opening in 2000, Zero degrees has continued to grow across the south with the enthusiasm of the family of ale lovers that are behind it. The beauty of it is the beer is brewed on site and right in front of the customers eyes, so needless to say; it tastes good.

We started with a mango beer and a pale ale and quickly moved through to the restaurant to start eating. Both Jack and I had googled the menu, and seemed there was no reason to deprive ourselves for any longer. As discussed the night previously, we decided it was essential to try all the starters they had on offer (a slight exaggeration, but not by far).

My favourite was hard to call, but the five spiced prawns, in crispy beer batter served with spicy chili sauce was a strong competitor, as was the gamberri picante served with fresh garlic bread. For a main course, we decided it was essential that pizza should be involved, so we decided on a stone baked pizza with slow-roasted pulled pork, red onions, fresh chillies & coriander pesto. It was mouth-wateringly good!

This was all washed down with a tasting of the various onsite craft beers; there were five ranging from light pale ale to dark larger. On a Thursday night, Zero degrees was already buzzing with hungry visitors, either sat indoors amongst the other diners, or in the outdoors area enjoying a glass of wine in the sunshine.

They are however not resting on their laurels and have plans in the next few months to diversify their offerings – namely, to introduce small brewery tours, alongside beer tasting and also to introduce monthly pairing menus.

£4 pint
Starters £4 – 9
Mains £10
Pizzas £10 – £14

31/, 33 Montpelier Vale, London SE3 0TJ

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