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Noodle Heaven in Zone One


kanada ya


Due to Kanada-Ya’s success in Covent Garden they have opened another sister restaurant just off Leicester square, it is just as busy, just as good and a must visit for any noodle lover.

I, like Sarah, have dreams of visiting Japan, which are mainly fuelled by watching too many episodes of Anthony Bourdain no doubt, however this does mean when I was invited to review Kanada – Ya, I jumped at the opportunity. Kanada- Ya is similar to what I imagine Japan to be like in spring; light, airy and with a range of wooden benches and round tables suitable for solo or group customers. As an acclaimed condiments and extras lover, the first thing I noticed was the mounds of fresh ginger, garlic and fermented mushrooms on every table. At this point I knew we were in for a treat. We both ordered the chicken paitan, accompanied by edamame beans drenched in delicious truffle oil, seared chasu pork belly and karaage. The staff were incredibly friendly and always at hand to tender to our every need. When the ramen arrived, it was a delight for the senses; the richness of the broth and succulence of the pork collar worked so well with the nori, noodles and wood-ear fungus. One of the biggest surprises of the evening was my meat loving companion’s delight at the edamame beans; they were perfectly cooked little mouthfuls of saltiness and truffle oil. The Karaage is also amazing, I mean I am a fan of most deep fried things, but these were great – crisp, perfectly cooked batter and chicken thigh. We finished happy, similar to how you would feel having eaten a wholesome authentic family-made meal. Although the staff at Kanada –Ya are not my family, the way in which they speedily serve up only an array of perfect dishes, makes you feel like these are creations passed down through the family, which the talented chefs create perfectly with their eyes closed.
In short, go to Kanada – Ya, there is a reason at peak times people queue for almost 20 minutes.

Ramen £10 – 14
Sides £2 – 6
Sake £4+

3 Panton Street, Soho SW1Y 4DL

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