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Bottomless Brunch at Good Ship Benefit, R.S Hispaniola


Bottomless brunch and brow wax at Good Ship Benefit



R.S Hispaniola, Embankment

The experience

“Quack, quack, quack”, my little webbed footed friend shouted to me as it crossed my path. Delirious, I turned over in bed and went back to snooze town. It wasn’t until I woke up 30 minutes later, croakily asking my boyfriend the time that I realised I needed to hurry. “9.30”, he replied. Shit, I thought. The quacking hadn’t been in my dream at all, it was my new silly alarm attempting to wake me up. I was going to be late to meet my friend Lucy and even worse late for our bottomless brunch and brow wax appointment at Good Ship Benefit, a three storey floating girlie heaven at the R.S Hispaniola, Embankment.

I was hungover. I was in the midst of a boozy week with a distinct lack of sleep and hazily attempting to make my way to Embankment from Bethnal Green on a Sunday morning. It wasn’t easy. After a failed central line trip, which saw me alighting at St Pauls and having to walk to the closest District line tube after getting it all wrong (I’m still finding my way in London after not being here for the last year and a half), I finally made it to the unmistakably bright pink boat moored on the Embankment, right opposite the London Eye.

I met Lucy and was alerted to the booking confusion. Bottomless brunch doesn’t start until midday and we were there at 11am. Oh dear. But I didn’t give a crap, as it gave us chance to explore the wonderful world of Good Ship Benefit, taking in the different rooms, the sunny terrace and drinking an expertly made Mahiki piña colada on the sunny terrace. It was the first hot day of the year and Lucy and I wasted no chance in lapping up the sunshine.

Slightly tipsy from a very boozy cocktail, we headed down to the brow bar brunch room, clad with bunny ear chairs and luxurious pink sofas to eat our bottomless brunch. Eggs Benedict was the order of the day, along with refreshingly crisp Chandon (bottomless) and French toast with all the spreads we could have wished for. Both of us starving, we lapped it all up and got one last top up of prosecco before heading to the Brow Lounge for our treatment.

I have been very unblessed with bright white eyebrows, so anything the on board beautician could do to make me look less like an old aged pensioner with no access to a make up bag was going to be a bonus. She worked her magic on both of us and we walked away feeling confident to tackle the rest of the day. Or was the the booze? I don’t know, but either way, it worked.

Head down to Good Ship Benefit over the next couple of months to indulge in a bit of pamper time, a few cocktails and an all round good time.

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