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Bodeans – a perfect marriage of meat and beer


Bodeans, Covent Garden


Following the success of Bodean’s five other restaurants, they have opened a new haven for all meat lovers in Covent Garden.


A night of meat and beer would not normally be my first choice, however when I came home and told Jack that we had been invited to a five course tasting at Bodeans, his enthusiasm seemed to suggest not going wasn’t an option.

We arrived and were greeted with a background on Bodeans and their beer selection. Whilst this was being explained, it dawned on me that not drinking tonight was not a viable option. I ran through the possible excuses in my head for not drinking and decided that claiming pregnancy would be a little crazy and I decided to suffer the Thursday hangover instead.

Decisions aside, the food arrived and it did not disappoint. We started with a chargrilled chicken and avocado salad paired with a golden ale from Kona brewery in Hawaii. It was a delicious and a surprisingly light start to evening. We then had an amazing farmhouse ale as we munched on their award-winning pulled pork and house slaw. Much to my zippers relief, another lighter option arrived of swordfish and mango salsa paired with a tropical IPA. Things then moved back into the Deep South with baby back ribs and seasoned fries. They were delicious, and luckily we were sat with less greedy people that meant that they had three ribs each and we had ten. Jack had suggested putting some bones in my bag to ensure he got his fair share, but luckily it didn’t come to mixing carcass with my lipstick. The piece-de-resistance was a warm chocolate brownie and ice cream, paired with a dark stout from a Local London Black Cab company.

Having eaten five courses and drank five new beers, most of which Bodeans alcohol buyers pride themselves on being from independent breweries in Southern US states, I left Bodeans feeling full, satisfied and educated. The staff have a real passion for craft beers and pairing it with the meats in a way that you would normally only imagine with wine pairing. My recommendation is to go, it’s great, even if your idea of eating half a cow, isn’t a dream come true, there are a lot of lighter options and a lot of good beers.

£50 meal for two


25 Catherine Street


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  1. That picture is the true definition of food porn. I just ate lunch (I’m in California, that’s why it’s still lunch) and I could eat that whole table’s worth of meat right now. Thanks for sharing. You may enjoy our wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.

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