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Sophistication at Polo Bar, The Westbury, Mafair

Cocktails at Polo Bar

Polo Bar Cocktails - High Resolution02

Polo Bar
Westbury Hotel
37 Conduit St

The Experience
My name is Euan Fraser and this is my first ever blog post. I was semi-bullied into it by the blog’s Editor Sarah Kemp, who is my other half. I moved to London a few weeks ago after meeting Sarah in Melbourne and am currently settling into life in the city, albeit with a sprained ankle, but I’ll save that story for another time.

I hail from Auckland, New Zealand, so venturing into the Polo bar in the Westbury hotel in a part of London I know as Monopoly’s most expensive, was a little surreal for me and I now know why it’s the most expensive property. Upon entering I gazed upon a radiating gold bar, marble finishings, chairs that were close to being thrones and beautiful wooden finished walls.

I wasn’t exactly dressed to the same standard as the rest of the patrons drinking and nibbling, but luckily I had a wee half pint pub crawl leading up to the visit so my confidence was heightened. A lovely eastern European man who could entertain like the best of them greeted and showed us to our seats.

Seeing as we like to take a little risk once in a while, we opted for a surprise. First we were served three of Polo Bar’s signature cocktails, which arrived with a mini serving so we could all have a taste. I had the Mayfair Gold, a brilliant mix of gin, lychees, elderflower, Moet Brut Rosé and for that extra Mayfair class, gold flakes. Sarah had the Divine – vodka, passion fruit, lime, Galliano and saffron syrup. Sarah’s good friend Lex who joined us had the Pomegranate Deluxe, a heady mix of elder flower, lemon, Bombay Sapphire, Moet Brut and you guessed it, freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. The selection of cocktails was excellent and they were masterfully made and perfectly balanced with sweetness, sourness, bitterness and booziness. I have to say the Divine was my favorite. The saffron created another dimension that I haven’t experienced in cocktails previously.

After we finished these fine assortments of cocktails we were in store for another round, a surprise again. I was served the Polo Treacle, a sticky mix of Glenfiddich 15 year old whisky and ramazzotti amaro, served over ice and finished with pineapple foam. Sarah had the Masterful, Polo bar’s take on a Gin Sour. Apricot infused gin, Lavender syrup, lemon, sugar and eggwhite. Lex had the house Negroni, consisting of Tanqueray gin, campari, picon and a hint of cynar. I’m quite glad I never got served the negroni as I am very sensitive to anything bitter.

So two hours and two fantastic cocktails later we were all happy campers and ready to get on our way. The cheeky Eastern European Maitre’d bid us farewell and sent us on our way. Polo Bar was a great experience for all of us and would be a fantastic choice if you’d really like to spoil yourself, your significant other or a date you’re trying to charm (just keep an eye on the Maitre d). At £18.50 a cocktail though don’t expect it to be a cheap night.



  1. Steph gray says

    Great review – in the nicest possible way I hope you get bullied again as your writing is excellent!

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