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Coin Laundry

Laid back neighbourhood bar and restaurant, Coin Laundry, serves up proper comfort food, 70s revival cocktails and a big fat slice of nostalgia.

70 Exmouth Market

Perched at the top of Exmouth Market sits 1970’s inspired restaurant, Coin Laundry. The restaurant boasts nostalgia-inducing culinary delights and retro classic cocktails. I met my friend Sophie on Saturday afternoon to give their new cocktail menu a whirl. “What do you mean 70’s? Like pineapple on a stick?” “Exactly, Soph”.

I was expecting extravagant Retro Bar-themed decor, but was pleasantly surprised to find a spacious subterranean bar with subtle references to 70’s design. The room felt contemporary, less Bee Gees, more Rolling Stones.

The cocktail menu was a joy to ponder. Apart from a few well known classics, the menu featured a host of real original flavour combinations I was excited to try. First up, some bubbles. The Flipper blends apple sorbet, prosecco and lemon in a wide champagne coupe with jelly accompaniments. Sophie and I agreed that we had never tasted anything quite like it. It was sweet, tart and powerful. I could liken it only to yuzu fruit. We could have happily sipped on The Flipper all afternoon, but there were plenty more cocktails to discover.

Next up – my holiday favourite – the trustee Pina Colada. It was made with the traditional blend of rum, coconut milk and pineapple. If it wasn’t pouring down with rain outside, we might have believed we were on a beach in St Lucia.

Coin Laundry offer a bar snack menu throughout the day such as ham frittas & mushy peas, deep fried cockles and chicken popcorn. Sophie and I shared some spag bol croquettes which  were covered in parmesan. The crispy croquette balls were a meaty take on a classic Italian arancini which I love. They were washed down by our final cocktail of the afternoon, White Chocolate & Raspberry Bellini. As you might imagine, this cocktail was not for the sugar phobic. It was super sweet and more like a dessert. Luckily, desserts are my thing.

Pina Colada £9
The Flipper £8.5
Spag Bol Croquettes £5

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