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Hair at Daniel Galvin

Hair salons. I love them. From the moment I enter until the moment I leave, I feel utterly content. It never fails to amaze me how a small change to the hair on your head can make you feel so different.

A couple of weeks ago I visited Daniel Galvin, one of the world’s leading colour salons in London’s West End, for a semi permanent colour treatment. I have had red hair for over two years now and I haven’t even slightly tired of it. By the time I visited Daniel Galvin, the colour had really started to fade. So much so that not everyone could tell that I had roots – and they were over an inch!


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I was greeted by hair colourist Sam who brought over a couple of colour charts to choose from. I decided that I wanted to go a little darker so we settled on an auburn colour a little darker than what it was. She went away to mix up the colour and I was asked if I wanted a drink. The assistant pointed to the menu just as I was asking for a glass of tap water but I was quite surprised to see that you had to pay for refreshments. There was a little cafe downstairs in the salon, which I think is a great idea but I’m not sure that I would want to pay a supplement for a coffee, which is usually complimentary in any other salon that I have visited.

I was supplied with a huge pile of magazines so I duly tucked in. Sam arrived back and we got chatting. She was such a sweet girl and very precise with the application of the colour. Once finished, she put me under a heater and left me for twenty minutes. I glanced around the salon and was surprised at the size of it. The top floor is solely for colouring, while the bottom floor is for cutting and blow drying. I was told that it is the biggest salon in Europe and I wasn’t at all surprised.

When Sam arrived back at my chair, she explained that she would be adding a toner at the wash basin, then it would be back to the heater for a few minutes before heading back to the sink for a vitamin C treatment, followed by a thorough wash. I would then head downstairs to the lovely Olivia who would be making me look like a film star.

The first time I looked at my watch since I arrived at the salon, I was shocked to see that I had already been there for two hours. I was enjoying myself and even felt a little sleepy, meaning that I was nice and relaxed.

I said goodbye to Sam and headed downstairs for a quick blow dry. Olivia left my hair silky smooth with a vintage wave. My hair had so much volume that I almost wanted to ask her to turn it down a little. Luckily it didn’t take long to calm down and before I knew it, I was walking the streets of London, feeling like a million dollars on my way to dinner with Jack.

I loved my Daniel Galvin experience and will definitely be back for a repeat treatment.


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Colour at Daniel Galvin starts at £82 and blow dry starts at £32.

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