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Arapina – best chocolate cake in the world?

I’m going to say something that I’m sure a lot of you will disagree with. Are you ready?…….. I don’t like chocolate cake. There, I’ve said it.

There are of course a couple of exceptions. I love flourless chocolate cake and gooey chocolate brownies. OK, I should maybe just say that I don’t like chocolate sponge cake. Or at least I didn’t think I did, until an Arapina chocolate sponge cake waltzed into my life.

Last week I took delivery of a 600g round chocolate cake, a very dark and plain looking cake, which sat in an aluminium foil cake tin. I opened up the case, grabbed a knife and began slicing. It was hard to slice into clean pieces as the top was gooey and the middle crumbley but I managed to scoop out a couple of slices and dish them out to colleagues.

I then took a spoon and began to tuck in myself. The first mouthful was a revelation – the lightest and tastiest chocolate cake I had ever come across. I was told before the delivery that the cake is not baked with butter so I spent a good hour contemplating just what was in the cake to make it taste so rich and decadent.

So what is the secret to an Arapina cake? The cake is made with vegetable oil instead of butter and the recipe travels generations back and has it’s roots in Turkey when parts of it were still Greek. The founder of Arapina cakes is on a quest to revive the traditions of her family from generations ago.

I can hands down say that the Arapina chocolate cake is the best I have ever eaten. The website states that the cake is the ‘healthiest and juiciest cake you’ve ever had’ and I think I’ll agree with this!

Arapina cakes are available to purchase from the website.

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