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Calor’s Grill-2-Go Portable BBQ

A couple of weeks ago a very exciting product landed on my doorstep. Calor’s Grill-2-Go was sold to me as the perfect portable BBQ, perfect for those that love cooking in the great outdoors whether at home or away. So one sunny evening, we took it onto the roof and cooked home made lamb burgers and I was very impressed with the results!

The BBQ itself is not light so it isn’t easily transportable by hand but it’s the perfect size to sling into the car and head to the countryside for an evening in the sunshine.

I have a soft spot for Calor. Why? Because it reminds me of summers as a child spent in the garden with my family, my dad BBQing a delicious feast for the family. His BBQ was considerably larger but the results from the Grill-2-Go are the same.

I am so impressed and happy that I can enjoy an amazing BBQ from the comfort of my roof. Now all we need is a bit of sunshine to enable me to do it!

Calor’s Grill-2-Go is priced at £39.99 (excluding 5kg gas cylinder). For more information, visit the website here.

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