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Semi Permanent and Super Fine Baby Lights at Headmasters

After a tumultuous couple of months, I knew that a fail safe way to cheer myself up was a trip to the salon. A few Tuesdays ago was a particularly bad day but I had a Headmasters appointment after work to look forward to. And boy did it cheer me up.


I was there to see James who gave me lighter coloured hair than I have had in years. Still ginger, yes, but he ran some amazing super fine baby lights through the colour and only partially topped up the red colour – so I was left with a very light red colour and beautiful highlights that shimmer in the sunlight.

I felt very sorry for the colourist next door to me who was dealing with a woman that I recognized from somewhere. She was being so difficult and asking so many questions that I was convinced she was a mystery shopper. James was half way through my head before she had even finished her consultation and I was so impressed with how the stylist was dealing with her. For me, this completely reinforced the standard of customer service at Headmasters. No matter what the customer throws at them, stylists remain calm and professional at all times. It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later that I realised where I knew that woman from – when she served me a coffee at one of my local coffee shops. I wouldn’t like to get on the wrong side of her!


James also persuaded me to purchase some shampoo and conditioner following my appointment. The high street ones that I have been using weren’t doing anything to keep the colour from fading and Redken is the perfect solution. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and can notice a difference in my hair.

Again I walked out of Headmasters feeling like a million dollars. I just love that place – excellent service, a different approach from every stylist I see and excellent results everytime.

Food for Think was a guest at Headmasters

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