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Christmas Collection Hamper from Hampergifts

I know what you’re thinking. But let me tell you that when it comes to Christmas, you can never be too organised. In fact, when I was passing my local butcher at the weekend, I popped in to ask them how much notice we need to give for our all important piece of festive meat.

I had my first taste of Christmas a couple of weeks ago when I was treated to a Hampergifts Christmas Hamper delivery. The hamper was almost too heavy to carry when it arrived and I had to ask the lovely delivery man  to carry it all the way across the office to my desk. When he left, I unwrapped everything and it felt like Christmas had come early. I popped open the lid of the beautiful large wicker hamper and rummaged my way through the Christmas coloured stuffing to uncover the contents.

I received the Christmas Collection Hamper, which doesn’t just contain two bottles of red wine, a bottle of white and a bottle of Prosecco, but a whole range of Christmassy treats, including sugar coated almonds, chutneys, cheese, savoury biscuits and more. I’m really glad that I had it delivered to my office because there would have been too much temptation to eat everything myself at home. Within a week the contents had diminished and all I’m left with now is the wine and Prosecco, which I am saving for Christmas.

My personal favourite was the Olives Et Al Kiln Roasted Cajun Spiced Chilli Nuts but the Chocolaterie Diane Dark Orange Belgian Chocolate Truffles and Walkers Dark Chocolate After Dinner Mints also went down very well. I wasn’t so keen on the deep filled mince pies, which were covered in white icing (mince pies should never be covered in white icing!) but overall I thought the hamper would make a great addition this Christmas.

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