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Bunnychow, Boxpark

A few months ago, my South African friend Abi told me about an amazing food truck she had seen. The food truck in question was selling the food of her nation – bunny chow. So when I heard that Bunnychow was opening at Boxpark, I thought we should take a trip down one lunchtime to try it out. All I knew was that it was a stew in a hollowed out loaf of bread. What’s not to like, I thought.

So we jumped on a Borris bike and cycled down to Boxpark. Abi couldn’t contain her excitement as we walked in and saw the menu, which consisted of three variations of ‘The Originals’ and two warm flats. I wanted to try both so we opted for the Monkey Gland Bunny (meatballs smothered in a South Afircan monkey gland sauce) and the Bobotie Burger (South African bobotie spiced burger with all the trimmings). We also tried one of the grab and go salads that were in the fridge – a delicious Asian style salad that complimented the other dishes we had chosen.

I was so impressed with the presentation of the dishes, in particular the Monkey Gland. The neat loaf was nestled in a perfectly sized box. I took off the crusty lid and inside saw a beautiful stew, topped with fresh herbs. It really was one of the most interesting lunches I have had in a long time. And to top it off, it was delicious. The flat bread was also a thing of beauty, filled with tender meat and topped with crunchy pickles.

I loved Bunychow and will definitely be heading back to try the rest. Whats more, Abi loved it – a South Aftican thumbs up.

2 Bethnal Green Rd
E1 6HT

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