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Mega Friday Night Fun at Earlham Street Clubhouse

It’s Friday night and I’m meeting an old work colleague (and awesome friend) for dinner and drinks. Where to go? Should we opt for a nice restaurant with a laid back vibe, a cosy pub or even a nice bar? No. Let’s try something a bit different and tear it up at a Covent Garden pizza and cocktail bar.

That’s exactly what we did last Friday. We were a little worried at first as we walked through the door, faced with music blaring out of the speakers and loud voices, but our fears about not being able to have our much needed catch up soon disappeared.

Everything about Earlham Street Clubhouse screams fun, from the greeting by the doorman to the name of the pizzas and cocktails, the music and the extremely happy, cool and laid back waiters. By the time we had finished the last mouthful, the tables of people behind us were up dancing on the floor next to us. We thought it would be rude not to so as soon as we had washed down the last of our pizza with tequila shots, we were joining in.

Speaking of the pizza, we ordered a 20” ‘Ross and Rachel’, which made us chuckle because of the description – ‘half and half’. We chose the ‘Happy Gilmore’ (tomato, mozzarella, san daniele prosciutto, parmigiano reggiano, rocket & olive oil) and the ‘American Beauty’, tomato, mozzarella, grilled aubergine, courgette, roast peppers, onion and oregano as our half and half options and were really pleased with our decision. When it arrived, almost as big as the table it lay on, we never imagined we would be able to eat it all. But we were pleasantly surprised when we came to the last slice. The cocktails are just as fun, with names like ‘stifler’s mom’ and ‘power ranger’; and they’re as tasty as they are fun.

We left in time for the last tube, but for the other clientele, the evening didn’t show signs of slowing down. I am already telling all my friends that I have found a little gem in Covent Garden and I can’t wait to return.

35 Earlham Street
WC2h 9LD
0207 2405142

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