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Reunited with Headmasters, Mayfair

Moving away from home is hard for many reasons. The hardest thing for me was missing my friends and family and a single day didn’t pass without wondering what they were doing, wishing I was there with them, laughing at their jokes and attempting to make them laugh with my nerdy jokes.


As well as missing the usual things like tea bags, English chocolate and the BBC, I also really missed my regular hairdressing salon, Headmasters. After a couple of visits to the Biba Academy in Melbourne, I decided to leave my hair to do it’s thing while I travelled and pay Headmasters a visit when I eventually arrived in London.

I cut my trip down by two months and arrived in London a few days ago. Jet lagged, I ventured into central London and walked into Headmasters Mayfair feeling like I had never even been away.

I started off with a much needed complimentary coffee and Pervin made her way over to me for a quick Colour Theory Consultation, a new service to Headmasters which enables customers to see which shades will work best with their complexion. I had become close to the bland strawberry blonde colour that I was not so blessed with and I was really missing the red tones that I have enjoyed for the last few years, so Pervin placed the colour cape around my neck and we both decided on a copper colour with superfine baby lights dotted around the hairline.


IMG_5807 copy
I sometimes quietly panic when I sit in the hairdresser’s chair, I think perhaps because I have been scarred by some awful hair styles in the past. But I knew that Pervin was going to get it right. And two hours after the butterflies had enjoyed a flight in my stomach, I was back at the mirror, staring at a beautiful colour emerging as she worked her magic with the hairdryer.

The difference a new hairstyle makes is crazy and the outcome makes me wonder why I ever leave it so long. Pervin was great. Headmasters is great. My hair is, I daresay, great. I’m a happy woman.

The Colour Theory Consultation is free with every colour appointment at Headmasters.

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